“Dedicated To Your Pets Mental
Health and Well Being”

Who We Are

Dr. Cassie Engmann is dedicated to diagnosing and treating behavioral problems in dogs using science-based methods and positive non-aversive training techniques.

How We Help


Dr. Engmann is available for consultations in the Minneapolis metro and surrounding area.


Dr. Engmann uses only positive, non-aversive training techniques when working with your dog.

Conditions Treated

Anxiety, aggression, fears and phobias, compulsive disorders, attention seeking, and others…

Common Conditions Treated

Anxiety Disorders

Excessive worry out of proportion to the actual impact of the feared situation. Anxious dogs often show increased monitoring of their environments, difficulty paying attention, out of context reactions, barking, whining, and lunging.

Fears and Phobias

Excessive, irrational fear of something animate, inanimate or situational. This can be due to noise such as thunder and fireworks, or fears due with car rids, veterinary visits, unfamiliar people or environments, other dogs, grooming, among other things.

Separation Anxiety

This is more than the disappointment when you leave without your dog, separation anxiety is the result of real stress. Behaviors such as destruction, vocalization, urination/defecation, excessive salivation, pacing, and trying to escape if confined are seen every time you leave and may even be seen prior to leaving.

Aggression and Reactivity

There are many different categories or types of canine aggression. Aggressive dog behavior can include, aggression to strangers, aggression to family members, guarding resources (such as food, treats or toys), aggression to other dogs in the household, and aggression to unknown dogs.

Compulsive Disorders

the repetitive, irresistible urge to perform one or more behaviors over and over, to the extent that it interferes with the dog’s normal life. Compulsions seen from dogs include spinning, pacing, tail chasing, fly snapping, barking, shadow or light chasing, excessive licking and toy fixation.

Attention Seeking

Attention seeking can be quite normal, such as your dog vocalizing, jumping, pawing, or grabbing your clothing to get your attention. However, excessive attention seeking can be indicative of deeper problems.

Our goal is to help you understand
your dog’s behavior and enable
both dog and owner to lead safer,
happier lives.

Our goal is to help you understand your dog’s behavior and enable both dog and owner to lead safer, happier lives.

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